Thank you John and the crew at Finishing Traditions!

I received a table from my parents’ estate. The condition of the table was so bad that my siblings who lived much closer to my parents were not interested in it at all. The top of the table, which once included some lovely inlay, had come unglued and warped. The colour of the wood had faded due to sun damage. The veneer on the lower shelf was lifting due to high humidity and water damage. Some of the inlay had fallen out and was missing. I remembered that this piece had once been a beautiful table. I brought it to Finishing Traditions to ask if there was any way it could be repaired or restored. John was non-committal at first. He did say that he would take a close look at it and let me know if anything could be done. When I went to pick it up two days ago, I was taken back to when I first had noticed this table and its beauty. John had replaced the missing inlay pieces. I can no longer tell you which pieces went missing as they match so completely. The table is now the same colour I remember from my childhood. There is no warping or lifting and the veneer on the lower shelf has been replaced, though you would be hard pressed to notice that it is not the original. There remain character marks. There is a very little bumping where the table had once been severely warped. It is not large enough to keep anything flat from sitting securely on the top of it. The character marks do not bother me at all. It is to be expected. However, the beauty of this piece is restored. My siblings are going to be amazed when I send them the photos of it! (And jealous!) Thank you John and the crew at Finishing Traditions for the work you did on this table. I will definitely return with anything I need repaired.