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We are a licensed, and insured business in Calgary , Alberta.
Finishing Traditions Offers our customers only the highest quality furniture Repair and restoration work. We believe in quality, not quantity. Some Furniture Refinishing shops may offer their Services at a lower cost to you – Consumer Beware! Furniture Restoration is 90% labour intensive and the only way to lower the cost, is to lower the quality of your restoration.


Go to the Furniture Restoration Shop and look at the Restorations they have completed. Ask to see a piece that will be started in the near future. Ask to see the same piece upon completion. It may mean a bit of running around, but in the end you will see the difference between the different refinishing shops.


All refinishers have different abilities. Many refinishers start out as house painters or just hobbyists.
Finishing Traditions has three generations of knowledge, compiled volumes of information, and hands-on work experience. We know exactly what is needed because we have done it numerous times in the past.

Types of Finishes:

1) Varnished Finishes: Hand Rubbed, French Polished
2) Oil Finishes: Satin to High Gloss Sheen
3) Con Version Varnishes: Mat to High Gloss Sheen
4) Nitrocellulose Finishes: Mat to High Gloss Sheen
5) 1 Component Lacquer: Mat to High Gloss Sheen
6) 2 Component Lacquer: Mat to High Gloss Sheen
7) Acrylic Finishes: High Gloss
8) Waterborne Finishes: Mat to High Sheen
9) Antiquing / Distressing / Hand Glazing

All of our Furniture Refinishing techniques have taken years to develop. We have taken the knowledge and experience handed down from three generations of our Family’s Finishing Craftsmanship and combined it with the most up-to-date technology to yield the highest quality restorations and finishes today. It is our PROMISE and our COMMITMENT to you and to the wood piece you are restoring & finishing for years of enjoyment and beauty.


Our shop is fully equipped for any manner of repairs:

1) Veneer Repairs and Replacement
2) Wood Carving
3) Complete rebuilding of Furniture and Piano Cases
4) Chair rebuilding and reglueing
5) Cabinet repairs and rebuilding
6) Split top tables, desks or slides repair
7) Manufacture Legs for Chairs and Backs
8) Water Damage or Chemical Damage
9) Pet Damage – chew marks, scratching/clawing or urine
10) Removal of Heat Marks – ie: Pizza Box
11) Chips and Dents without refinishing
12) Removal of Wax Build-up
13) Furniture Stripping service.

Antique Restorations:

Before any work commences we take great care and establish the Finish & Process used originally to finish your antique. We do this so as not to detract from the value of your antique.

Touch-Ups & Repairs:

If your antique has had an accident, we offer you only the higest quailty touch-up & repair work.

We use a burn in method which in itself is an art,(NO CRAYONS). We take great care in the painting and matching grain with our artist brushes so your antique appears to never have been damaged.


If your chairs or any of your furntiure has loosened up over the years. We strongly recommend you tend to those problems first. Chairs can become very dangerous and very expensive to repair once they have been broken. We will gently take apart the joints, remove the old glue, reassemble and clamp your antique to last a life time!